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Engage With Employees With These 4 Methods

If you’re a responsible employer, you would want to make sure your employees have a great experience working for your company. Ensuring an excellent employee experience within your organisation will prevent your workers from leaving you for better career opportunities available on Jobstreet. Besides employee retention, it’s crucial to keep your employees happy as it could improve your overall company performance.

Positive employee experience will benefit you and your organisation, which is why you should use these four ideas if you haven’t implemented this work culture in your company:

Healthy food and living programmes

Offering free snacks in the workplace is a cool perk, but feeding your employees with junk food isn’t healthy. Instead of buying snacks for the company, encourage your employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle through exercise and better eating habits.

A healthy employee is more alert and engaging in work, can develop better ideas and have a positive attitude in general. Your concern over their health also shows that you care about everyone’s wellbeing, which will help in your employer branding. Start engaging with your employees by providing gym passes or healthy meals!

Encourage open source learning

The lack of career growth and self-development can cause employees to leave your company for better opportunities. To prevent this, you should be challenging your employees to improve.

Open source learning is now possible thanks to the internet. With some spare time and some encouragement, you can push your employees to develop their skills further. You shouldn’t discourage them from exploring other subjects or areas that aren’t necessarily related to their work.

Flexible work hours

This method doesn’t work for every type of business as it all boils down to the work environment. Before you apply flexibility to your working hours, you have to make sure there are trust and communication within the company.

However, if your company can pull it off, flexible work hours can improve the work-life balance of your employees. An adjustable work schedule allows them to engage with matters outside work, which will lead to them respecting you for acknowledging their life outside of work.

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Organise a monthly group activity for themselves

No one knows what makes your employees happy than themselves. Instead of deciding on an activity on your own, let your employees decide on a group activity every month.

Encourage them to try anything from a salsa class to a trip to a zoo. Allowing your employees to make choices contributes to the positive experience at work and also builds teamwork and morale within the company.


Not only will positive employee experience benefit to your employees, but it will also be advantageous to you and your company. Besides, there’s nothing better than seeing your employees happy at work!

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