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5 Virtual Assistants You Can Get On Android

After Apple released Siri, personal virtual assistant apps have been more popular among smartphone users. These virtual assistants are software agents that can perform tasks and services such as making a phone call or Googling a question for the user. Most of the time, smartphone users command these assistants via voice command.

Besides Jovi on the Vivo V11 and Google Assistant, there are more virtual assistants available on Android. Check them out:

Amazon Alexa

Getting Alexa as your virtual assistant isn’t easy as she’s exclusively on an Amazon Fire device or an Amazon Echo device. She can do web searches, integrate with smart home features and even order pizza! It is on the same level as Google Assistant, if you can ignore the device restriction.

vivo v11

Jovi Smart Scene

Jovi aims to make the user’s life easier by providing the information you need in real life. Not only will Jovi feed you the weather forecast and the results from yesterday’s football match, but she cares for your health and will provide you with your health data at the end of each day.


Although Databot doesn’t have the functionality of Google Assistant or Siri, it is slightly above average from other virtual assistant apps. It does, however, have a chatbot that can tell you jokes and riddles to keep you entertained.

Lyra Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for a simple virtual assistant without the fancy features, Lyra is the one for you. Lyra can help you search for YouTube videos and find directions, completely free!


Created to challenge Siri, Robin can follow basic commands and respond to gestures. However, the developer claims the virtual assistant is still in beta and is working on it. If the developers know what they are doing and continue the progress, there’s no doubt Robin’s going to be a fantastic virtual assistant.


Virtual assistants are quickly evolving, and sooner or later, it will be available in all smartphones for our convenience.

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