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4 Mistakes That Attract Burglars to Your Home

Coming back home to see your home vandalised and robbed is never a great sight. Even when you’ve purchased house insurance for your home, the thought of someone wrecking your house and losing your valuables and possession is heartbreaking. Nobody deserves to have the place they live destroyed and taken away by anything or anyone.

So, how do you prevent burglars from targeting your home? Check with yourself if you’ve committed these four mistakes if you don’t want unwanted guests to enter your home:

Allowing your letters to pile up in the mailbox

There aren’t many more obvious signs of an empty house than a sight of a neglected mailbox. It’s a dead giveaway that nobody’s been home for a while, and burglars will take this opportunity to invite themselves into your home.

If you have to leave your home for a few days, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to help you check in your home while you’re away. Cancel your mails and subscriptions if you can’t find someone to help you, and ask for email statements if possible.

Leaving your valuables in plain sight

No one likes a show-off, and you may have to pay a high price if you place your new HD TV where potential robbers can see it. The more you show your valuables to outsiders, the higher your chances of a break-in because burglars view your house as a hotspot.

Keep TVs, computers and valuables hidden from the windows. If you can’t move large items, place curtains or just make sure they’re not in plain sight. Also, don’t leave valuables laying everywhere in your house.

Hiding your keys in obvious places

You may think you’re smart by placing your spare key under a potted plant or a rug, but experienced burglars can guess where most people hide their items. If you don’t hide them well enough, they can easily enter your home with it.

Get creative and hide your keys in places that only you know. Some examples of great excellent hiding spots are false containers or you can bury it in the dirt. If you want to make sure nobody finds it, don’t tell anyone about it, not even your family members.

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Not securing your home with security features

Some people may think installing security features such as CCTV and alarms at their home is pricey, but it’s worth it if you can prevent burglars from dropping by your house.

Security features can range anywhere between RM150 to over RM1,000. However, if you don’t have the money and time to set up a proper setup, you can get dummy versions instead. They might not work, but its presence will make burglars think twice before robbing your house.

Keep your home safe

Your home is your safe haven, and you should protect it from danger.  Going through this checklist can make your home a little safer, but purchasing home insurance can give you peace of mind.

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